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Welcome to Iftiinka Aqoonta, your gateway to a world of knowledge and insight. Proudly featuring a unique collection of Somali books penned by the esteemed Yuusuf X. Cabdullaahi Xasan, our store is dedicated to fostering learning and cultural enrichment. Each book is a journey through the rich tapestry of Somali knowledge and storytelling. Embark on this enlightening adventure with us today and explore the depths of wisdom in every page!

Feegarka iyo farbarashada
€ 17.00 EUR
Afkaab Aqli Koriye
€ 17.00 EUR
Wehelka Ardayga
€ 17.00 EUR
Bishaaro iyo Bilkhayr
€ 24.00 EUR
Saadka Ardayga
€ 17.00 EUR
Furaha 1aad ee farbarashada
€ 17.00 EUR

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Hooyo ii Hees

€ 22.00 EUR