From Rural Roots to Linguistic Mastery

Born in a rural area of the Somali region near JigJiga, Ethiopia, Yuusuf X. Cabdullaahi Xasan's early life was rooted in traditional values. At age 10, he moved to Boroma, Somaliland for education. Self-reliant from a young age, Yuusuf juggled odd jobs to support his studies, showcasing remarkable determination. His deep understanding of the authentic Somali language, unblended with foreign influences, set him apart as a linguistic beacon in his community. This foundation fueled his journey to become a respected author, known for his clear grasp of the Somali language and culture.

Award-Winning Author and Somali Language Educator

Yuusuf X. Cabdullaahi Xasan has been the recipient of multiple prestigious awards, a testament to his significant contributions in the literary and linguistic fields. He was honored by the Somali Parents and Mother Tongue Association in Sweden for his exceptional work in teaching the Somali language to children and youth.

In 2011, his book "Bishaaro iyo Bilkhayr" earned him acclaim from the Author's Association of Sweden, recognizing it as the best fiction work of the year. Further, in 2012, the Djibouti Culture Department awarded him for writing the most prolific and successful Somali books.

With over 30 years of experience in teaching the Somali language, Yuusuf X. Cabdullaahi Xasan has developed a deep expertise in its various dialects.

Preserving Somali Culture and Language

Yuusuf X. Cabdullaahi Xasan passion extends beyond teaching; he is deeply committed to preserving the Somali culture, heritage, and language. This dedication is evident in his prolific writing, which includes not only educational books but also poetry. His works reflect a profound understanding and respect for the Somali culture, making him a vital figure in maintaining and celebrating the rich heritage of Somalia and its diaspora.

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