Impactful Somali Books for Youth

Yuusuf X. Cabdullaahi Xasan, a renowned Somali author, excels in creating educational books for children and youth. His works, bestsellers in the Nordics and Somalia, skillfully blend Somali culture with learning, enriching young minds while fostering a deep appreciation for their heritage.

Somali Exploration of Wildlife

Unveiling Eastern Africa's Fauna. His works vividly detail both wild and domesticated animals, offering an enriching, comprehensive view of the region's diverse wildlife and traditional animal rearing.

Cawo iyo Ayaan Bestseller by Yuusuf X. Cabdullaahi Xasan

A vivid, real-life inspired story of two sisters in Somalia's civil war, showcasing a family's separation and endurance over three decades of national turmoil.

About the Authour

Yuusuf X. Cabdullaahi Xasan, a prolific author from the Somali region of Ethiopia, now based in Sweden, has been a prominent figure in literature for over 30 years. With a passion for preserving Somali heritage, he has authored more than 50 books and continues to write. His work predominantly focuses on educational materials for Somali children and youth, aiming to instill a sense of cultural identity and knowledge. Yuusuf is also renowned for his poetry and traditional Somali songs, which echo the rich tapestry of Somali culture. His fiction often draws from real-life events he has witnessed or stories he has heard, providing a vivid portrayal of the Somali experience.

A key aspect of his work is documenting Somali folktales, akin to those he heard as a child, thereby keeping the Somali history and heritage alive for future generations. Yuusuf’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to cultural preservation have made him a respected and influential figure in the literary world.

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"Dhawaqu si kasata ha u dheereeyo
Dhakhasaba dhulka ha u dhammaystiro
Dheguhu ha maqlaan dharaaro jira
Dhaayuhu muddo ha u dhug yeeshaan
Waxaa dhaxal gala wixii la dhigo
Miyuu hadal dhowrsamayaa"

- Yuusuf X. Cabdullaahi Xasan

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